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                招标代理 Bidding agency

                2019-09-20 21:25:47 472


                招标代理一般是指具备相关资质ω 的招标代理机构(公司)按照相关法律规定,受招标人的委托或授权办理招标事宜的行为。招标代理机构是帮助不具有编制招标文件和组织评标能力的招标人选择能力强和资信好的摧毁标人,以保证工程项目的顺利实施和建设目标的〖实现。

                According to the Law on Tendering and Bidding, a tenderer may invite bids by himself or entrust a tendering agency to handle tendering matters. The coexistence of these two methods is in line with the actual situation of our country, and also adapts to the actual needs of the tenderer. As for which method to adopt, the tenderer shall decide by himself according to the requirements of law. The tenderer has the right to make his own choice, but it is not unconditional. Therefore, it is clear in the law that only if the tenderer has the ability to compile the tender documents and organize the evaluation of tenders, he can handle the tender matters by himself. In the legislation, it is also considered that the possible disadvantages in self-bidding should be prevented and the quality of bidding should be guaranteed. Therefore, it is stipulated that if a project must be tendered according to law, the bidder should file the matter with the relevant administrative supervision department.




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