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彩神pk10 南美品牌没望够?再来一波亮点回顾已足你~

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原标题:南美品牌没望够?再来一波亮点回顾已足你~ 本季中国国际时装周自上线以来,就为普及不都雅多保举了多多优质的国表品牌,其中,设计优质、具有先辈的环保理念和浓重的



Since the beginning of AW20 China Fashion Week, many high-quality foreign brands have been recommended to our readers, among which, the Colombian brands, with its high-quality, forward-looking designs with environmentally friendly philosophy and exotic aesthetics from South America, have become particularly popular.


One of them, AZULU, was even chosen by the CCTV news.


Let’s have a look at it.


To further satisfy your curiosity on South African fashion, China Fashion Week presents a review of promotion highlights of Colombian brands. We’ve chosen 9 brands and new pictures of them for you.

Let’s start!


Agua Bendita竖立于2013年,凝神泳衣设计,首于传统,优于设计彩神pk10,实现科技与手工的完善结相符。每一件Agua Bendita泳衣都操纵独一无二的图稿彩神pk10,手工完善彩神pk10,凝结了代代相传的手工艺术。

Agua Bendita has been Hand Crafting Love since 2003, an international brand based in Colombia known for taking swimwear to a different level where tradition meets innovation and technology meets handcrafting.Our designers and local artists make each and every Agua Bendita print from sketch. Each time you buy an AB piece, you’re buying more than just a swimsuit; it’s a unique piece made straight through artisanal techniques, which have been passed from generation to generation.


CEO兼创首人Sigrid Arias于2014年竖立NAJASH,这是一个手工艺设计品牌。设计灵感来源于流传几世纪的手工技艺、Embera chami、Kamentsa、Wayuu三族的土著文化及Sandona Nariño的织娘。NAJASH设计足够活力,议决雄厚色彩和当地动物图案,展现南美炎带景不都雅及自然之美。

Sigrid Arias founded NAJASH in the year of 2014. NAJASH presents its products of unique design, elaborated by hand, reviving the centuries-old handicrafts and traditional graphic language of 3 indigenous cultures, Embera chami , Kamentsa , Wayuu and the women weavers of Sandona Nariño. The result of their designs are pieces full of vibrant life, mirrors of the South American tropical landscapes, their natural beauty, combining the sensuality of vivid colours and exotic animals at home in their forests and countryside.


Andrea Landa是哥伦比亚的传统品牌,灵感来自传统手工艺,议决100%手工制作的艺术皮革工艺将皮革融入生活。设计师Andrea Landa的设计有其家族传统,稀奇的创造力使她在皮革和手工艺创作周围游刃多余。

Andrea Landa is a Colombian legacy brand that is inspired by traditional handcrafted techniques. We bring leather to live through the creation of 100% hand made artistic leather wonders. Designer’s family heritage together with her creative natures is what inspired her to work with leather and handcrafted techniques.


哥伦比亚设计师Ana Maria Sarmiento竖立国际糟蹋配饰品牌FLOR AMAZONA并任创意总监。品牌凝神展现亚马逊雨林中土著人民的手工艺,融相符前卫美学与传统哥伦比亚元素。现在,Flor Amazona店铺遍布28个国家及地区的主要零售商、百货公司和特色精品店。

Founded by Colombian designer Ana Maria Sarmiento, FLOR AMAZONA is an internationally acclaimed luxury accessories brand renowned for exotic statement pieces handmade by indigenous people in the Amazonian rainforest. Flor Amazona is currently housed by major stockists, department stores and specialty boutiques in 28 countries.


LAURA APARICIO 于2014年添入Aquilano Rimondi设计团队,并于2016年推出幼我同名系列:Laura Aparicio,融相符南美文化、当代艺术、修建特点,添入阳刚剪裁和超女性化细节,打造安详组织。自推出以来,纯粹、清洁就是Laura Aparicio的关键词。

In 2014 Laura Aparicio joined the design team of Aquilano Rimondi - a luxury brand. In 2016, she decided to dedicate herself to launching a special collection the namesake line: Laura Aparicio. The new line consists of sophisticated innovative pieces: effortless silhouettes inspired by South American culture, contemporary art and architecture, with masculine cuts and hyper-feminine details. The fashion of Laura Aparicio is made, since its launch, of pure and clean shapes.


设计师Manuela和Amalia Sierra姐妹于2006年竖立了泳装品牌Maaji,不息产特出彩缤纷、异想天开的沙滩装创意。2017年,Maaji添入LVMH集团,现在,Maaji有员工350人,已进驻全球超过56个国家和地区,仅在美洲就设有12家门店。

Sisters Manuela and Amalia Sierra launched Maaji in 2006 and have been creating colorful and whimsical beachwear since then. In 2017, Maaji became a part of the LVMH group. Now in 2020, Maaji’s a 350 person company and has presence in more than 56 countries as well as 12 stand-alone stores across the America´s.


哥伦比亚设计师Mercedes Salazar在2001年竖立了“ Mercedes Salazar珠宝”。现在,全球品牌Mercedes Salazar旗下拥有多个系列,挑供哥伦比亚工匠手工制作的当代珠宝和前卫配饰。Mercedes Salazar现在在美洲、欧洲、英国和亚洲的19个市场开展营业,并议决官网在全球周围内出售。

In 2001, Mercedes Salazar founded “Mercedes Salazar Jewelry”. Nowadays, Mercedes Salazar is a global brand with a wide product portfolio, offering contemporary jewelry and fashion accessories handmade by master artisans in Colombia. The company is currently present in 19 markets across the Americas, Europe, UK and Asia, and distributes worldwide through its website.


自1979年首,OFFCORSS一向致力于设计、生产、传播婴儿、男童和女童从出生到进入芳华期的全套服装配件,现已成为哥伦比亚的走业领导者,议决OFFCORSS 商店、特许经营店、百货公司、专卖店、精品店、杂志出售和在线出售,拥有普及的分销网络。现在,OFFCORSS 已进驻15个国家。

Since 1979 we have been dedicated to the design, production and commercialization of complete clothing and accessories proposals for babies, boys and girls from birth until they enter their pre-adolescence. We are leaders in Colombia with a wide distribution network through our own stores, franchises department stores, specialized stores, boutiques, catalog sales and online sales. We currently have an international presence in 15 countries.


糟蹋泳装品牌OndadeMar于2000年竖立于哥伦比亚,用拉丁风格的高品质泳装设计引领了崭新的前卫潮流。OndadeMar曾获多家杂志的编辑保举,如Vogue、Cosmopolitan、In Style、Harpers Bazaar、Marie Claire等,并获得著名杂志Sports llustrated Swimsuit Issue封面位置,Elle和Forbes更将Ondademar评选为全球顶级泳装品牌之一。

OndadeMar was founded in 2000 in Colombia and has established new fashion trends by designing swimwear and clothing, with Latin style and high quality standards. Vogue, Cosmopolitan, In Style, Harpers Bazaar and Marie Claire are some of the prestigious magazines where Ondademar has earned editorial features throughout the years. The company has had the privilege of appearing on the cover of the famed Sports llustrated Swimsuit Issue, Elle and Forbes have ranked Ondademar as one of the top swimwear brands in the world.





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